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WhenHub Interface Web Edition Beta Released

May 7, 2019


WhenHub Interface Web Edition Beta Released

For frequent users of Interface, having an app makes sense. But for a first-time caller, the time and steps to install an app adds friction. In order to make the first call experience as smooth as possible, we needed to provide a way to reduce or better yet, eliminate this friction. Two weeks ago, we published a product roadmap  in which “WhenHub Interface Web Edition” topped the list. Today, we are pleased to announce the Beta release of WhenHub Interface Web Edition. Now, anytime a caller clicks an Expert’s Interface link, they will be able to connect and interact with the Expert using video/audio right from their web browser.

With the public availability of the Interface Web Edition beta, we now support six platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and Web. Each of these clients is capable of making calls to any of the other client platforms. The Web Edition has feature parity with the other editions, including full video and audio support. Here are the four main capabilities the Web Edition unlocks

  1. Self-promotion of “My Interface” link. Each Expert’s profile can be accessed using a short URL of the form With the beta release of the Web Edition, Experts can and should promote their “My Interface” link on all their online profiles.
  2. Third-party promotion of “My Interface” link. As an Expert, you can now take the marketing of your profile into your own hands. You can publish your “My Interface” link on third-party sites, purchase paid ads, or ask your fans to promote your profile by sharing the link through their online channels.
  3. Privacy-enhanced contact. Your “My Interface” link is an easy way for anyone to reach you without you revealing any contact information. Think about it – you now have a hyperlink that you can share with anyone, and when they use the link, YOU get paid. No spam calls, no guessing who is calling…you control the experience.
  4. Instant Donations. When a user visits your Interface profile page, they can show their support and make a Donation to you with just one click. It is fast and easy.

The Web Edition has some limitations in this beta release. These may go away in the future, but for now:

  • No WHEN Token support. We are working on developing the best approach to securely generating the built-in app wallet in the browser. Until we are 100% confident that this can be done securely, the Web Edition will not support WHEN Tokens.
  • No support for Experts to go online. We expect that Experts will use any of the rich clients, and see the Web Edition used primarily by callers. To keep the Web Edition as light as possible, we will limit some Expert-specific features in the Web Edition.

In our roadmap, we shared details about many other features and strategic initiatives. The Web Edition is the gateway for three of those initiatives:

  • Ecosystem: Our primary focus is to get more callers using the platform so Experts already using Interface can earn money. As we work on more outreach through content and paid marketing to draw callers, we also need a way to ensure that the audience we do bring to Experts have a great experience. The Web Edition makes it easy for someone who has discovered Interface via an ad or promotional placement to get instant gratification by speaking to an Expert.
  • Crypto Liquidity: WHEN Token continues to perform well on crypto exchanges and there is steady growth. This is great for Experts and other token holders. For continued growth, it’s important that more people learn about WhenHub Interface. This will happen as more Experts publish their “My Interface” link creating more opportunities for people to learn about WhenHub Interface and WHEN Token.
  • WhenSense: WhenSense is our biggest strategic objective. It is our patent pending technology (see patent application) that enables people to find Experts and connect with them via third-party sites. The site owners earn a portion of the call revenue for promoting the expert. With Web Edition now available, we’ll start work on this initiative. In the near future, expect to visit a blog or website and see links to relevant Experts who are online and with whom you can start a video call right away. It will be amazing!

We are very excited about this beta release of WhenHub Interface Web Edition. Keep in mind – it is a beta release, so there may be some glitches. If you find one, let us know through our Support channels.


On a daily basis the WhenHub Interface Team is making it easier to connect people who have questions to experts who can provide fast customized answers to those questions. While the internet does provide quick general information, getting a specific answer to your question can still require hours of research and information vetting. Right now there is just no substitute for human connection when it comes to getting a specific (tailored for you) answer to a question. WhenHub Interface lets you multiply the speed of an internet search by connecting you to an expert who can understand the context of your question inside out. The experts on WhenHub Interface have already spent years in the professions or received the degrees necessary to answer your questions. All you need to do is open WhenHub Interface, pick the expert best suited to your question and ask.

Whether you are looking for information on becoming a beekeeper, finding a math and physics tutor or an attorney for legal advice, WhenHub Interface has the experts who can help you get your questions answered.

Use the WhenHub Interface Web Edition Beta now.


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