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WhenHub Interface: The Road Ahead for 2019

April 21, 2019


WhenHub Interface: The Road Ahead for 2019

There’s a fair amount of excitement in the WhenHub ecosystem in recent days as more people discover WhenHub Interface and WHEN Token gains attention through listings on multiple exchanges. This is a good time to reflect on the app’s progress, and also present a roadmap for 2019. (Click here to jump straight to the roadmap.)

One year ago, we launched the first public release of the Interface app in Beta. The feature set we launched with was embarrassingly minimal, and to someone unfamiliar with how Silicon Valley startups operate, this might seem like a terribly flawed strategy. But in reality, it is a highly recommended approach as explained by Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn founder –

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”

That’s our philosophy – launch early, iterate fast, and release often. Here’s the last year by the numbers:

  • Months since initial product release: 13
  • Number of production releases: 25
  • Platforms supported: Five (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Release cadence: Every three weeks
  • Total users: Over 75,000
  • Team Size: Co-founders (3), Engineering (3), Marketing (0.5)

Over those 25 production releases, we delivered the following features (most recent first) and countless minor enhancements and bug fixes:

Landscape Mode

Wallet re-design

Variable billing start

Interface Scheduling

Expert search auto-complete

Secure storage

Expert online notifications

Search Enhancements

Booking Notifications

Booked Interfaces

Interface Pro (B2B)

Apple Pay and Google Pay payments

Expert profile editing

Improved call handling

But enough about the past…let’s look at the road ahead.

Our strategy for 2019 consists of three parts:

  1. Ecosystem: Our primary focus is to get more callers using the platform so Experts already using Interface can earn money. To this end, expect to see more outreach through content and paid marketing to draw callers. We’ll also have more promotions and contests to attract more callers to the platform
  2. Crypto Liquidity: Interface is first-and-foremost a blockchain app with the WHEN Token as its primary currency. We added fiat (USD) support through Apple and Google Pay to the app as a bridge while the rest of the world plays catch-up. The primary benefit for Experts to accept WHEN Tokens is the 0% fees, compared to 20% for USD payments. But in order to accept tokens, Experts need to be confident that the tokens they earn have liquidity. News from the past week should leave no doubt – we are committed to ensuring that holders of WHEN Token have ample liquidity. Track WHEN Token on CoinMarketCap to see our ongoing progress.
  3. Growth Features: The core WhenHub Interface features are now in place. Like any product we could keep adding individual capabilities based on the large number of “Can you add feature X?” requests we receive. While that approach would help satisfy some segment of users, it doesn’t move the needle for growth. The nine roadmap features we have planned are very much focused on GROWTH. Here they are in no particular order:
Web browser

1. Web Edition

For frequent users of Interface, having an app makes sense. But for a first-time caller, having to install an app adds friction. To make the first call experience as smooth as possible, in addition to the mobile and desktop editions, we will soon introduce WhenHub Interface Web Edition. Anytime a caller clicks a link to Interface with an Expert, they will be able to connect and interact with them using video/audio right from their web browser.

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Ratings on mobile device

2. Ratings

The Interface app currently has two-way ratings (Caller rates Expert and Expert rates Caller). These accumulated ratings are not used in Expert search rankings and prioritizing callers at present. Now that the Expert search engine is active, we will incorporate Ratings when determining Expert rankings and call routing.

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3. Schedule Automation

Many WhenHub Interface users aren’t aware of WhenHub Studio our product with advanced schedule creation, management and visualization features. Later this year, we will give Experts and Callers amazing capabilities to schedule Interfaces, integrate with calendars, and publish/promote schedules by unleashing the power of Studio into the Interface product.

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4. Ecommerce for Experts

Many Experts may not be able to take calls as often they would like, but they may have other content such as videos, PDF’s or audio recordings that may be of value to people seeking their expertise. Setting up an ecommerce presence just for selling a couple of media assets is inconvenient and impractical. We’ll solve this problem by making it easy for Experts to add premium downloads that Callers can securely pay for and download right from the Expert’s profile page.

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5. Interface Broadcast

We want to make it easy for Experts who already have a following to engage with followers in much the same way they can today using Periscope and other similar platforms. Using Interface, Experts will be able to broadcast live and get paid in USD or crypto. Callers can join and leave whenever they wish and the transaction is handled automatically by our Smart Contract.

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6. Custom “My Interface” Names

We recently added an Expert search engine on our website, making it easy for Experts to be discovered via standard web searches. Each Expert’s profile can be accessed using a short URL of the form The portion at the end of the URL is a random set of letters and numbers by default. We’ll add a feature so Experts can pay for one or more custom names like Scott’s making it easy for callers to instantly reach them.

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7. WhenSense

WhenSense is our patent pending technology (see patent application) that enables people to find Experts and connect with them via third-party sites. The site owners earn a portion of the call revenue for promoting the expert. In order to implement this feature, we need to have a number of capabilities in place (link to Expert, web edition, real-time and schedule availability etc.). Now that most of these are in place, we can unleash this feature. We are confident that WhenSense will be a huge success and be a win-win-win for WhenHub-Experts-Callers.

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8. Crypto Donations

A few weeks ago we added the ability for anyone to make a one-time or recurring donation to Experts like you can on Patreon. At present, only donations with U.S. dollars are supported. In the future, we will enable support for donations using WHEN Tokens and possibly also other crypto currencies. If you’re wondering why this feature isn’t already in place, it’s because the user experience of crypto wallets is abysmal, and that’s being kind. We need a much simpler experience for people to own, manage and transfer cryptocurrency and that product does not currently exist. Once it does, we’ll enable crypto donations. (Side note: I am working on a personal Open Source project to solve this problem. Check out PhotoBlock, currently in development.)

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9. Interface Pro

Today, WhenHub Interface is a Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) product. A few months ago, we started piloting “Interface Pro” which is a Business-to-Consumer-to-Consumer (B2C2C) product. It is designed for businesses that have many Experts on staff. With Interface Pro, your business can promote all its Experts using Interface and have all the Expert billing happen with one account. Additionally, each Expert from the business has a branded profile and gets a higher priority in search listings. If your business is interested in piloting Interface Pro, please contact WhenHub CEO Quin Harker.

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I’d like to emphasize that the features listed above are in no particular order. We try to optimize our development workflow to be as efficient as possible, and things don’t always fall neatly into feature silos.

I hope you found this roadmap useful. Please share your thoughts at any of the feature-specific links included above, or visit our Forums to initiate a general discussion. You can also engage with us on Twitter and Telegram, or email us at


Co-founder/CTO WhenHub; co-founder TryCrypto; co-founder DNN Software; founder Edaptable; educator; Open Source proponent; Microsoft MVP; tech geek; creative thinker; husband; dad. Personal blog: Twitter: @techbubble
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