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WhenHub Interface now supports Apple Pay and Google pay

September 10, 2018


WhenHub Interface now supports Apple Pay and Google pay

There’s a new release of WhenHub Interface in the app stores and it has one of the most notable features we have added to our blockchain-based mobile app since its initial release – Apple Pay and Google Pay support. Until now, using Interface, anyone could make instant video calls to any kind of Expert and pay them with WHEN cryptocurrency tokens. With the new feature, Experts can now opt-in to be paid with U.S. dollars (or other currencies supported by their credit card) in addition to or instead of WHEN Tokens.

This is a significant milestone for WhenHub, and for any person who wishes to share their expertise with the world at a time and price of their choosing. If you have expertise in any topic, then there’s probably someone in the world who might have a question or two about that topic. Interface helps connect the two of you quickly and easily, and now with support for credit cards both caller and Expert can use the app without any knowledge of cryptocurrency. On Interface, “expertise” does not mean degrees, diplomas or certifications; it simply means you know more about a topic than most other people. It could be anything – gardening, poetry, bowling, rock-climbing, knitting, movies, 80’s bands – there are any infinite number of topics.

The primary benefits of using cryptocurrency on Interface are lower cost and quicker access to funds. This might not be important for someone who is an occasional Interface user, but we are on the cusp of Gig Economy 2.0 where more and more people opt for freelancing as their primary means of income. Many of them will use Interface and for them, being able to access funds quickly and without the cost of banking-based networks will be significant advantages. Here are the main differences in fees and payout (i.e. payment to Expert) duration between using U.S. Dollars versus WHEN Tokens (cryptocurrency):

Since Interface is a crypto-based product, it might seem odd, even crazy, that we have added government-issued currency support. To understand our decision, consider two points:

  1. Support for government-issued currency has been the #1 feature requested by Experts who aren’t already using Interface.
  2. The primary objective of Interface is to make expert knowledge accessible to people, anywhere and any time.

The most notable word in the second sentence is “people.” It’s not “some people,” it’s not “cryptocurrency fans,” it’s not “cryptocurrency owners,”…it’s just “people.” We want everyone to use our product regardless of whether they own cryptocurrency. But here’s the reality from a recent survey on cryptocurrency ownership:

“Among the countries in this survey, only 7% of people own cryptocurrency (11% in Japan, 9% in the US, 6% in Germany, and 3% in China). 4% say they have the intention to buy cryptocurrency.” Source: Dalia Research Global Cryptocurrency Survey

Since fewer than 10% of people dabble in cryptocurrency today, this was an upper limit for Interface adoption. We need more people using cryptocurrency to help grow the WhenHub Interface Network. We recognized this early on which is why WhenHub Interface has a built-in “WHEN Wallet” and provides each new user with some free WHEN Tokens to make a couple of calls to Experts. While that lowers the bar, it’s not enough. Most people are still intimidated by cryptocurrency and rightly so – there is so much jargon, the user experience for transactions is complicated, and the volatility of crypto markets makes people wary. How do we fix this?

We need a bridge that helps people cross the chasm of intimidation that exists between government-issued currencies and cryptocurrency.

WhenHub Interface is that bridge. It is a consumer-targeted app that now supports both types of currencies. People who have never used cryptocurrency can download and start using the app right away. They can initially ignore the crypto facet of the app, and when they are ready, they can try it without any friction. The app makes it simple for anyone to find and video call Experts, or make their expertise available to others. We are confident that over time, people who initially use the app with government-issued currency will see the benefits of cryptocurrency and make the switch. Interface will help you cross the chasm of cryptocurrency intimidation.

With over 50,000 downloads, Experts across all fields and topics are earning money daily. Now we have expanded that vision to help anyone maximize their available time as an Expert. We also see everyone as having expertise or experience that someone else is looking for and that includes you. To learn more about Interface, participate in our ICO and become part of the new gig economy today, please visit

Download Interface here:



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