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WhenHub Interface Expert Spotlight: Scott Adams Shares His Tips for Becoming a Writer

April 2, 2019


WhenHub Interface Expert Spotlight: Scott Adams Shares His Tips for Becoming a Writer

WhenHub is growing in leaps and bounds as, one by one, people come to realize the ease and convenience of asking questions directly to an expert and receiving a customized answer. Yes, the internet is the traditional place to go for answers to questions, however not everyone has time to sift through the huge number of links and read the several dozen articles that can constitute a solid internet search. 


The number of hours we spend online is only increasing and since many of us are not going to want to decrease those hours, it makes sense to optimize what we do with that time.  Getting an answer quickly from an expert can leave you plenty of time to take care of other more rigorous online research.  Eventually, the day may be close when someone can complete all the research they need by making a few WhenHub calls to experts in various fields.  We may be biased, but we think that day may not be far off. 


Speaking of experts, Scott Adams the creator of the beloved comic strip, Dilbert and one of the co-founders of WhenHub sat down for a video chat.  Scott is a prolific writer and while much of his writing consists of daily short comic strips, he has also penned a number of best-selling books.  Since this week’s Expert Spotlight is on Writing, it felt only appropriate that we talk to Scott.  His long writing career is at a point now where publishers contact him with their project ideas and Scott decides whether to take on these projects. But how does one get to this point in their writing career?  Here are some tips from Scott that have served him well over the years.


As far as writing classes, Scott has only taken one 2-day business writing course.  His main take away from that course was the importance of short direct sentences.  Getting to the point without all the additional verbal fluff is key.  In their minds, readers will always distill even the most descriptive adverb laden sentence to just its key components.  Readers won’t remember the hours you spent thinking of the perfect way to describe a ball being thrown, they will just read that a ball was thrown and move on to the next sentence.  If that is what readers are going to take away from your writing, then don’t burden them will all the extras.  Also, there is no substitute for writing every day.  Practicing the thing you want to get better at is the only way to improve. 


According to Scott, there are three books that can help give any budding writer a quick foundation on not only how to write, but how to get started on the business side of writing.  Apart from writing each day and growing your skill level, these three books can lay out the foundation that you can use until you find your voice and develop your skill.

  • On Writing: A Memoir on the Craft, by Stephen King – Scott’s main take away from this book is to grow level by level incrementally and build upon that.  Scott grew his reputation first with the Dilbert Comic Strip and moved on to writing his other books from there.  In a similar vein Stephen King writes that an aspiring writer should start small and work within their own network levels and abilities.  For instance, start with a school newspaper instead of trying to find a publisher as an unknown writer and keep moving ever upward as your skill and influence grow. 
  • Getting Your Book Published for Dummies, by Sarah Parsons Zackheim with Adrian Zackheim – This book is a great lay of the land for writers and can help with some of the nuances surrounding the publishing world.
  • Writer’s Market, by Writer’s Digest Books – This is the nuts and bolts of getting published.  Once you have a firm grasp on the concepts of the other two books, go out and get this book to start taking the actions necessary to advance your writing career.

Scott says that publishers are always hungry for good content, so first and foremost new writers must increase their writing talents.  Secondly, new writers must then start to showcase their talents publicly (review the book list to learn how).  The publishers will eventually find you if you have the talent. 


All the research to decide on what 3 books to select to help jump-start a budding career as a writer could have taken multiple hours and even days and weeks if you are on the cautious side.  Just a few minutes talking to a writing expert like Scott Adams provided not only some quick tools to get started on the journey of becoming a professional writer, Scott also instilled a confidence that writing professionally is possible.  Scott Adams as well as a number of other professional writers are available on WhenHub Interface to chat with you about all things related to writing.  This doesn’t mean, just writing books, but also comic strips like Scott, or grant writing, online dating profiles, resume writing, writing comedy songs, copywriting, scriptwriting, and so much more.


If you are already a professional writer, now is your chance to share what you have learned and make some extra income doing it, if you so choose.  It is easy to download the WhenHub Interface App and set up a good profile and start taking calls whenever you have some spare time.  All you need is internet access. 

Additionally, if you get your profile up and running today then you can take advantage of the WhenHub Interface Free Topic of the Day Campaign. On Wednesday, April 3, 2019, writing is the topic of the day, meaning that WhenHub Interface will not charge the usual 20% fee for calls that writing experts receive for that whole day. All writing experts will get to keep 100% of the fees they charge on April 3rd. On top of that when the monetary value of your call comes out to at least $10 USD (or WHEN Token equivalent), WhenHub Interface will also give both the caller and the expert an additional 500 Free WHEN Tokens. Writing Experts get to share their expertise and get paid for it and aspiring writers get to learn more about writing and get paid to do it.

To sum up, if you want to be a professional writer, then use the WhenHub Interface App to talk to someone who is already a professional writer. Don’t get analysis paralysis wondering where to start, just call and talk. It’s that simple.

The next Free Topic of the Day is Wednesday April 3, 2019 on the topic of Writing. Mark your calendars!

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