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WhenHub Interface Expert Spotlight: Ian Hilgart and Cancer Immunotherapy

March 25, 2019


WhenHub Interface Expert Spotlight: Ian Hilgart and Cancer Immunotherapy

At any given time, there are hundreds of users on the WhenHub Interface App, either looking for an expert to talk to or sharing their expertise on any number of various subjects.  One of the most notable experts on WhenHub Interface, in the field of cancer immunotherapy, is Ian Hilgart.  Ian has over 10 years of experience as a cancer researcher and data analyst in cancer clinical trials.  He is also the founder of a nonprofit organization designed to help match cancer patients to clinical trials


From answering the questions of young people who have had a parent diagnosed with cancer to once connecting with a Chinese native who needed an English speaker familiar with cancer treatments to talk to a doctor; Ian has had several interesting experiences while on the platform.  Remarkably, Ian has never charged for his expertise, and while WhenHub Interface can help experts make some additional income during their downtimes, users can charge whatever they like including giving their expertise away for free.


Perhaps one of the reasons Ian never charges for his services is because he is also a cancer survivor.  Ian was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had a tumor removed.  He has been cancer free since 2017, however he returns to the doctor every 6 months for follow up visits to make sure the cancer is staying away.  Interestingly, Ian was already a longtime cancer researcher when he had his tumor removed.  Cancer doesn’t discriminate, and we at WhenHub applaud Ian for helping people learn more about this horrible disease.  The more we learn, the closer we will get to curing cancer once and for all.


Ian is often available on the WhenHub Interface App and is very open to answering any questions individuals may have about cancer and cancer treatments.  Download the WhenHub Interface App today for mobile or desktop, then do a search for Ian Hilgart or the keywords cancer immunotherapy.  If he isn’t available, you can just let him know through the app that you want to talk.  He is very responsive. 


We’re now doing periodic spotlights on WhenHub Interface Experts to share a bit of insight into what they do and demonstrate the variety of fields available for individuals to learn more about.  If you are an expert on WhenHub Interface and would like to be interviewed for our next spotlight or you are interested in hearing more about a particular expert on WhenHub Interface, send us a message on one of our social media channels and we’ll look into it. 

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In order to help you get started promoting your expertise, WhenHub Interface is starting a Free Topic of the Day Campaign. Twice a week we will feature a free expert topic, meaning that WhenHub Interface will not charge the usual 20% fee for calls that experts receive for that whole day. All experts in the topic of the day will get to keep 100% of the fees they charge. On top of that when the monetary value of your call comes out to at least $10 USD (or WHEN Token equivalent), WhenHub Interface will also give both the caller and the expert an additional 500 Free WHEN Tokens. Experts get to share their expertise and get paid for it and callers get to learn more about the topic of the day and get paid to do it.
Now that is a deal that just can’t be beat.

Our first Free Topic of the Day is Wednesday March 27, 2019 in the topics of Telemedicine and Cancer Immunotherapy. Mark your calendars!

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