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WhenHub Interface Desktop Edition Beta Release

November 1, 2018


WhenHub Interface Desktop Edition Beta Release

We are excited to announce the release of WhenHub Interface Desktop Edition Beta which brings all the features of the mobile client to Windows, Mac and Linux desktops. You can download the release here:

WhenHub Interface Desktop Edition for Windows

WhenHub Interface Desktop Edition for Mac

WhenHub Interface Desktop Edition for Linux

Our goal for the desktop client was to maintain feature parity with the mobile client, so everything you find in the mobile client will also be present in the desktop client. If you are unfamiliar with WhenHub Interface, you can learn more here. Key features of WhenHub Interface Desktop Edition are:

  • Find Experts on any topic and video call them for advice or feedback
  • Go online as an Expert for any topic with your preferred hourly rate
  • Pay and get paid with WHEN Token cryptocurrency (USD payment support is available on mobile and is coming soon on desktop)
  • Make and receive calls from desktop to desktop and desktop to mobile

One exception is that there is no concept of a rear-facing camera on most desktop computers. Therefore the camera icon that is visible during a call will have a slightly different feature in the desktop client – it will switch the user between sharing their desktop screen and the camera image.

There are a few other features that are limitations of the current Beta release that will be addressed in upcoming updates:

  • Credit Card Payment: Desktop Edition currently only supports cryptocurrency (WHEN Token) payments.
  • Input Device Switcher: There is presently no user interface to switch camera, microphone or which display will be shared. Only the default options are used.
  • Camera Release: Sometimes, after a call is complete, the camera is not released back to the operating system right away. You have to quit the app to release the camera. This is a temporary glitch.

We know many in the WhenHub community have been waiting for the Desktop Edition to be released and we are very glad to achieve this milestone. We hope you will help us test and improve the stability of the Beta. Report all issues by sending an email to or on our Telegram channel at We will soon be activating forums and idea submission features on our primary website where you can also report problems and suggest feature ideas.




Co-founder/CTO WhenHub; co-founder TryCrypto; co-founder DNN Software; founder Edaptable; educator; Open Source proponent; Microsoft MVP; tech geek; creative thinker; husband; dad. Personal blog: Twitter: @techbubble
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