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WhenHub ICO and the Blockchain Economy

May 12, 2018


WhenHub ICO and the Blockchain Economy

Now that our Interface app is live and gaining early adoption, I wanted to share a quick non-technical take on all the efforts by our development team, to execute on our vision for the WhenHub Interface Network by leveraging the blockchain. First let me start by checking all the technical boxes – cryptocurreny, bitcoin, digital currency exchange, wallet, whitepaper, blockchain, ERC20, SAFT, ICO, SEC, advisors, and smart contracts. That should cover most of them.

We entered the cryptocurrency space with our WHEN utility token to raise funds, no doubt about it. From our initial SAFT offering in late 2017, in 3 months our team brought the first beta product to market for both iPhones and Android. This is not just a concept or idea like other ICOs that have raised millions based on a whitepaper. Today, the Interface app takes a real world business model–consulting and peer-to-peer information exchange – to an on-demand model using the blockchain.

The Interface app is free to download and offers two options:

  1. Find an Expert, and
  2. Be an Expert

Experts go online to maximize their productivity and earning potential. Think Uber for instant information sharing instead of ride sharing. Each interaction on the app is built using smart contracts of the ethereum blockchain and the exchange of WHEN tokens. Our team also built a wallet directly in the app for our users to help ease the introduction into the blockchain economy.


There are over 50 million US freelance workers, adding $1.4 trillion to the US economy, and these numbers are only going to increase in the future. Users on our app are searching for expert topics across the board, from event planners and college admissions to healthcare and yoga techniques. Our Interface app also opens access to people that would not have opportunities to participate in a global economy and offer their personal expertise.

The disruptive nature of the blockchain to be the public ledger for transactions, the potential to decentralize traditional economies and the growth of digital currency exchanges are part of the future. We are excited to be part of the blockchain economy.

Time is cryptocurrency, you heard it here first. You can learn all you want with the following link, and we would welcome your support of our ICO –




Mover, CEO & co-founder WhenHub and CalendarTree. Husband, father, son, and friend all under development.
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