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WhenHub for Divorced Co-Parents

January 10, 2017


WhenHub for Divorced Co-Parents

When we created WhenHub we didn’t know how many problems it would solve. This is a good one.

We recently learned that WhenHub is a great way to reduce tensions between divorced parents that share custody of the kids. The WhenHub Studio lets you create and share kid schedules without having to talk to your ex, and without letting anyone see your personal calendar. Just enter the kid-related events into WhenHub — both parents can have edit privileges — and sync the schedule to both parents’ calendars, and the kids’ smartphone calendars too if they have them. Grandparents and other childcare helpers can also sync to the schedules if you like. In many cases you can download school schedules and team schedules into WhenHub so you don’t have to enter them by hand. That’s huge.

For the younger kids, WhenHub lets you create up-to-date visual schedules that they can view on any iPad or smartphone. You can even stream the visual schedules (we call them Whencasts) to any television in the house that has an Apple TV device. (But that’s just showing off.)

And that’s not even the best part. You can use the separate WhenHub app for all custody exchanges and see each other approaching on the app’s map. When one of you is late, which is typical, no need to angrily text and drive. (You know you do!) And of course the WhenHub app times-out automatically (always) so exes can’t track each other past the agreed meeting.

Family lawyers are already recommending the WhenHub app to divorced clients to keep tensions down. And if you can’t convince your ex to use the app, any kid in the same car with a smartphone is just as good.  It doesn’t have to be the driver.

Co-parenting can be tough. We hope this helps!


Scott Adams is the creator of the Dilbert comic strip and WhenHub co-founder. Twitter: @scottadamssays
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