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WHEN Token Now Trading on IDEX Decentralized Exchange

April 12, 2019


WHEN Token Now Trading on IDEX Decentralized Exchange

WhenHub’s continuing commitment to the experts on WhenHub Interface and to WHEN Token holders involves listening to the feedback of our community.  We have heard the requests for the WHEN Token to appear on a decentralized crypto exchange and we are proud to announce that WHEN Token is now trading on the IDEX Exchange

Getting the WHEN Token listed on IDEX is the latest in a series of recent important updates helping to increase the visibility of WhenHub.  The WHEN Token was also recently listed on CoinMarketCap as well as the Hotbit Exchange and we have already been listed on the LATOKEN Exchange.  Liquidity for the WHEN Token is very important, and we are taking strategic steps to ensure that it is available on the premiere exchanges in the crypto world.


While centralized crypto exchanges are currently dominant, decentralized exchanges offer some features that are very attractive to certain token holders.  Centralized exchanges are owned and operated by companies that maintain complete control over transactions. Decentralized exchanges utilize distributed ledger technology and are not operated by any companies.  Decentralized exchanges also offer complete anonymity and have a very low risk for hacking attacks and government shutdowns. 


IDEX Exchange is the premier decentralized crypto exchange featuring real time updates, multiple order filling, low gas costs, smart contract protection, analysis tools, and market making tools.  In addition, IDEX is highly trusted in the crypto community and we are proud that the WHEN Token listing is yet another avenue of liquidity for the WhenHub Community.


Even though being listed on CoinMarketCap and the IDEX, Hotbit and LATOKEN Exchanges are huge accomplishments, we are not done yet.  We are continuing to negotiate with other exchanges and we are looking forward to sharing more great news with the WhenHub Community.

We are also working nonstop to improve the user experience for the WhenHub Interface App to make it easier than ever for experts to share their knowledge, and for users to have all their questions answered. 


If you have ever thought about earning some extra side income without having to sit in your car driving people around or delivering food, then now is the perfect time to download WhenHub Interface.  You can share your expertise from wherever you are for a few minutes or a few hours and be paid to do it.  You can even donate your time if you prefer.

If you have ever dreaded having to spend hours on the internet researching and verifying information such as the best car to buy, what health insurance you should get or what tax deductions you qualify for, then it is time you explored WhenHub Interface.  Save the hours of research with a few minutes of video chatting.  Your expert has already done all the work and can give you customized answers to your questions. 

Whether you are an expert or just have questions for one, WhenHub Interface can save you significant time and help you earn additional side income.  We look forward to meeting you on the platform.

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