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WHEN Token Now Trading on COINEXCHANGE Cryptocurrency Exchange

August 8, 2019


WHEN Token Now Trading on COINEXCHANGE Cryptocurrency Exchange

The native cryptocurrency token of WhenHub Interface, the WHEN Token is now trading on the COINEXCHANGE Cryptocurrency Exchange. This is the 7th Crypto Exchange to list the WHEN Token. The listing on COINEXCHANGE yet again increases the liquidity of the WHEN Token and is a benefit to WHEN Token holders. 

Here is a current list of the crypto exchanges listing the WHEN Token:

The WHEN Token is also listed on CoinMarketCap and on the SWIFT Blockchain, making it very easy to research, track and trade. 


While COINEXCHANGE isn’t one of the more prominent crypto exchanges, it does have appeal for those who wish to trade anonymously or may be looking for an easy to use platform.  The exchange also features Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).


It’s easy to get WHEN Tokens.  All you need to do is open a WHENHub Interface Account on the WHENHub Site (Mac, PC or Linux) or just download the WhenHub Interface App from your preferred Apple or Google Play Stores.   

Once you have the WhenHub Interface App downloaded, just create a Video Advisor Profile based on a topic that you are most passionate about and would have the most fun sharing with other people.  You can share your knowledge about any subject the way many others have also done. From video games to big game hunting, from professional poker player to life coach, WhenHub Interface has a vibrant community that believes the gig economy is here to stay! 

Make sure to set up your profile to represent your services in the best way possible.  If you need some pointers on creating a profile that will have people lining up to get your video advice, then take a look at our article on how to get more calls

If you’re not ready to become a video advisor yet, that’s OK.  When you sign up, your WhenHub Interface Account will come preloaded with complimentary WHEN Tokens.  You can use these tokens to call any of the other video advisors on WhenHub Interface.  Ask questions about any topics that you want to learn more about or ask any video advisor about their own experiences using the WhenHub Interface Platform. We look forward to seeing you in the WhenHub Interface Community.

Start sharing your knowledge on WhenHub Interface now!

WhenHub Interface makes it easy for people to find and video call Experts on any topic with payment handled with a blockchain Smart Contract.
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