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WHEN Token Now Trading on BITKER Cryptocurrency Exchange

April 19, 2019


WHEN Token Now Trading on BITKER Cryptocurrency Exchange

WhenHub is proud to announce that the WHEN Token is now listed on the BITKER Cryptocurrency Exchange.  This latest crypto exchange listing continues the rapid growth and increased liquidity of the WHEN Token.  BITKER Exchange is the 6th Crypto Exchange to list the WHEN Token, but it isn’t the last.  There will be many more developments to share with the WhenHub Community soon. 

These are the crypto exchanges currently listing the WHEN Token:

And of course, WHEN Token is also listed on CoinMarketCap.


BITKER is a top cryptocurrency exchange on CoinMarketCap.  It is registered in Singapore, and was launched in May 2018.  BITKER provides hundreds of trading pairs for global users and has an impressive trading volume.  They are a safe, convenient and reliable digital asset exchange.  BITKER also offers an app that is available on both the iPhone and Android Stores, so trades can be made on the go.  We think the WHEN Token and the BITKER Exchange are a great match and we look forward to future developments.


Getting tokens that you can trade on BITKER or any of the other crypto exchanges listing the WHEN Token is as easy as downloading the WhenHub Interface App.  The app is available on both the Apple and Google Play Stores as well as Mac, PC and Linux. 

Once you have downloaded the WhenHub Interface App, create a profile and let the world know that you are ready to share your expertise.  From small business experts to financial modeling for startups or writing comedy songs, to helping people think differently there are already a great variety of expert subjects on WhenHub Interface. What are you amazing at?  In this vast world there is probably someone who wants to know more about your expertise and will pay you for your time. Why not earn some side income sharing your knowledge on the subjects that you are already passionate about. You decide your price and availability.

Joining the WhenHub Interface App is free and when you sign up, WhenHub Interface will throw in some complimentary WHEN Tokens. Use your complimentary WHEN Tokens to talk to any of the experts on WhenHub Interface, just to test things out.  Use the app any time you want from wherever you have an internet connection.  We can’t wait to see you on WhenHub Interface.

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