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Video Advisor Spotlight: How to Improve Your Triathlon Swim Speed with a Swim Coach on WhenHub Interface

August 29, 2019


Video Advisor Spotlight: How to Improve Your Triathlon Swim Speed with a Swim Coach on WhenHub Interface

No one can be an expert at everything. Sometimes we are the ones advising others and sometimes we are the ones who need some advice.  The WhenHub Interface Community is no different.  Many of the Video Advisors on WhenHub understand how easy and exciting it can be to share their knowledge with others.  Alternatively, these same Video Advisors are using WhenHub Interface to have their own questions answered.  The great thing about earning additional income as a Video Advisor is that you can then turn around and use the funds that you earned to basically call another Video Advisor for free.  Just earn enough answering questions that when you need your question answered, you can get it done without dipping into your own wallet.  Of course, on WhenHub Interface you can also share your knowledge for free just because you like to help people, which is what WhenHub Video Advisor, Ian Hilgart does. 


Ian Hilgart is a great example of the diversified set of skills exhibited by the Video Advisors on WhenHub Interface.  Ian regularly helps people with their questions about cancer and various cancer treatments.  Ian’s services have been particularly useful to those, who for various reasons, have difficulty traveling to doctor appointments whether it is because they live far away from a hospital or because travel is too difficult due to their health.  Cancer is an incredibly personal disease and the fact that Ian is also a cancer survivor gives him special insight into how to communicate with those who in one way or another are affected by cancer. 

To learn more about Ian’s story check out his previous appearance in the WhenHub Interface Blog.  As if helping those with cancer questions isn’t enough, Ian is also a big game hunter and can answer questions to those who may be just starting out or who have been hunting for a while.  After you read this blog post, you’ll probably think that Ian will soon be answering questions about triathlons.


Ian enjoys participating in triathlons and recently used WhenHub Interface to find a swim coach to help him improve his time.

Here is Ian in his own words sharing his experience looking for his swim coach on WhenHub Interface.

 “I was looking for a swim coach and found Chris Danesi through the WhenHub platform. My goal was simple, improve my swim speed and technique in just 3 weeks.  This is because I was disappointed with my triathlon swim performance and wanted to do better at my last triathlon of the summer.  I talked to Chris and explained my specific situation and goal. You just can’t do if you are searching Google because finding good personal feedback requires a nuanced explanation of your situation.  In my half-hour conversation with Chris, he gave me specific, actionable advice that would immediately start improving my swim technique and speed.  His advice that helped the most was to do an interval training set. He told me the speed and amount of rest he thought I should start at. I immediately put his training tip to use and saw rapid improvement.  In the triathlon, I improved my swim time by about 30 seconds overall, which might not seem like much, but it is for such a short period of training.  This improvement would not have been possible without speaking to an actual swim coach. Which I was able to do on my phone while sitting in my living room. That’s why Interface is so great!”


We at WhenHub Interface are so glad that we can provide a platform where such a diverse group of people can share their knowledge, get their own questions answered, and earn additional income.  Every day more an more people are joining the new gig economy and WhenHub Interface wants to celebrate that by sharing their stories and helping to promote their services. 

If you have a story about a great expert that you spoke to or if you are an expert who would like to draw more attention to your own Video Advisor skills, let us know.  We’d love to share your story in our next Video Advisor Spotlight.  Just fill out the form below to share your story with us.

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