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Video Advisor Spotlight: Finding a Structural Engineer to Help with Futuristic Concrete on WhenHub Interface

August 14, 2019


Video Advisor Spotlight: Finding a Structural Engineer to Help with Futuristic Concrete on WhenHub Interface

WhenHub Interface is making it easier for people to optimize their time and join in the gig economy.  Interface Video Advisors can jump on the WhenHub Interface App whenever they have some free time and an internet connection to earn side income.  The qualifications for being a Video Advisor are simple.  Just be so passionate about something that you want to share your knowledge with others.  That’s it. 

For callers on WhenHub Interface, there is now a place to get quick customized answers to your questions rather than spending hours on the internet searching and vetting one size fits all answers to your specific questions.  And because we all don’t know everything, callers can also be video advisors and video advisors can also be callers.  Getting customized answers to your questions and sharing your own knowledge has never been easier.


We’re always trying to improve the WhenHub Interface App.  Our philosophy is to constantly be improving and part of that is to listen to the feedback of our users.  Recently, we had WhenHub Interface User, Mark Robbins contact us to let us know about his experience using WhenHub Interface.  Mark is a combination inventor and entrepreneur and he has developed a way to integrate ballistic strength fibers directly into concrete, which could eventually replace using steel as concrete reinforcement.  Mark’s process may even increase the life span of concrete as the ballistic strength fibers are not subject to corrosion.  To find out more about Mark’s project, check out his site

Mark was looking for a structural engineer to create a control panel to compare materials cost and expected strengths using traditional rebar-concrete construction. He had looked around his local area and had called 7 structural engineers with no luck.  Tired of being ignored, Mark turned to WhenHub Interface and found a structural engineer.  In Mark’s own words, “I found Jay on Interface and haven’t looked back!”


Mark’s story is just one of many that we will be sharing in the future.  If you are interested in sharing your WhenHub Interface story, we’d love to hear it.  Just fill out the form below and if you are OK with it, we’d like to share your story on the WhenHub Interface Blog.  If your story has to do with you sharing your own knowledge, we’d like to link to your WhenHub Interface Profile so we can raise awareness for your services.  Just fill out the form at the bottom of this post to get started.

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