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The Data Privacy Revolution has Begun: Here’s How WhenHub Interface is Helping to Protect Your Data

May 30, 2019


The Data Privacy Revolution has Begun: Here’s How WhenHub Interface is Helping to Protect Your Data

Data Privacy is one of the biggest issues people are facing lately, but it is often left on the backburner because of the intangibility of securing data and the enormity of the platforms handling your personal data.  With the many online security breaches taking place, such as the massive Cambridge Analytica Scandal that rocked Facebook, people are finally realizing that the protection of personal data cannot just be left up to platforms.  We can no longer blindly accept that our data will be kept secure and not be leaked through a cybersecurity breach or sold to the highest bidder.  As difficult or inconvenient as it may be we must realize that protecting our security begins at home and we must take steps to ensure that our private data remains safe. 

If there is a silver lining in all this, it is that various platforms are starting to listen and take steps to be more transparent about how they handle user data.  It isn’t perfect, but it is a start.  People are now able to make more informed decisions as to which platforms they will choose to give their data.  The voice of the people is powerful and deciding not to share your data with a company that isn’t transparent about what they do with it can create a huge impact.


Many of us take our communications for granted.  We send personal information over voice calls or text messages.  Most of these messages are archived and can potentially be stolen by hackers long after we have forgotten about them.  Additionally, numerous platforms also force users to connect to everyone they call which establishes yet another possible security compromise.

The WhenHub Interface Leadership Team takes security and your data privacy very seriously.  The WhenHub platform was built with privacy in mind from the start.  Here is how the WhenHub standard security features compare to the standard features on most communication platforms.

Unlike most platforms, on WhenHub Interface two parties who wish to video call each other:

  • Do not need to connect, follow or have any pre-existing relationship
  • Do not need to know or reveal their phone number
  • Do not need to know or reveal their email address
  • There is no log of their conversation outside the app (i.e. no phone log)
  • Their entire communication is peer-to-peer with no intermediate servers that can log or record their conversation
  • Their entire conversation stream is encrypted
  • Their transaction is recorded on the blockchain with no personally identifiable information

All these features are standard on WhenHub Interface and they are our way of helping you protect your personal data.  Building data security into WhenHub Interface is only part of our continuing story. As WhenHub Interface grows, we will continue to keep your information secure.  


WhenHub Interface is the best place to connect people with questions to experts who know how to answer those questions.  There are a number of great updates coming down the line that will allow you to do even more with WhenHub Interface.

Connecting people with experts is just a part of the suite of various services that WhenHub Interface will offer soon.  As we stated in a previous article, WhenHub Interface could be Google on Steroids, creating a better way to combine search engines and the power of the human brain.   

WhenHub Interface is also already a great way to earn some additional income by sharing your expertise whenever you have a bit of time to spare. With the updates coming this year, people will even be able to earn additional income by helping other experts get more calls via our upcoming, WhenSense.


Whether you have a question or are looking to help others by sharing your expertise, whether you need some additional side income or just like talking to new people, WhenHub Interface has so many uses that can help improve your life.  Download the app to begin sharing your knowledge or just visit the site to get your questions answered.  Yes, it is that easy!

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WhenHub Interface makes it easy for people to find and video call Experts on any topic with payment handled with a blockchain Smart Contract.
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