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Ten Great Reasons to Participate in the WhenHub ICO

May 15, 2018


Ten Great Reasons to Participate in the WhenHub ICO

The WhenHub ICO is already underway and we’d like to thank everyone who has participated so far. We also know some of you are interested in the company and our concept but would like to know a little more before joining in. So, just for you, we’ve compiled this list of 10 reasons to participate in our ICO.

  1. Huge Market Potential

The market for freelancing is absolutely huge and is valued at $1 trillion in the U.S.1 What’s more the sector is predicted to expand further in the next few years. In 2017 accounting firm Deloitte reported that “more than one in three U.S. workers are freelancers—a figure expected to grow to 40 percent by 2020”.2 With more and more Americans choosing to freelance the demand increases for professional tools and services to assist them.

Globally, the freelancing market is estimated to be between two to three times larger than that of the U.S. alone.3 We see a need to serve not only the growing U.S. market but that of the global freelancing community. By utilizing blockchain technology WhenHub will help freelancers to work across borders avoiding problems such as currency exchange, cross-border taxes, censorship and more.

  1. A Working Product

If you’ve spent any time in the cryptosphere you’ll know that there are a lot of ICOs out there with nothing more to offer than an idea, a flashy website and a promotional video. We like to offer more at WhenHub. We have already invested significant time and effort in creating a fully functioning app which connects knowledge seekers with experts across a range of fields and disciplines. That app is named Interface and is available to download right now at Apple and Android app stores.



  1. Popularity

We really hate to play the popularity card but we do need to tell you a little bit more about Interface and the amazing traction it is receiving right now. So do excuse us for blowing our own trumpet just a little, but our new app Interface has received over 10,000 downloads in the first two months. We really believe that every single one of those people adds value to our platform, so that’s 10,000 reasons to join our ICO. If you are one of those people who downloaded, thank you for joining our expert community.

  1. Proven Track Record

This ain’t our first rodeo. The WhenHub team are a highly efficient team who have successfully delivered two working applications in the last two years. Studio allows the easy visualizing, syncing, sharing and editing of schedules through your browser. Approach is a mobile app for geostreaming so that a group of friends, family or business colleagues can keep track of when everyone will arrive. Interface is our third product to focus on time and bringing people closer together. Connecting people is what we do and we’ve got the track record to prove it

  1. A Successful Team

WhenHub has built a team of passionate, invested people who believe in our mission and future. Our core team is no stranger to building successful businesses either. Our co-Founder and CTO, Nik Kalyani, is a veteran technology entrepreneur who has created two venture funded capital businesses with successful exits. For his technical and community contributions Kalyani was named Microsoft’s “Most Valuable Professional” for the last 11 years in a row.

Quin Harker, co-Founder and CEO has enjoyed over 20 years of success in the global mobility and transportation industry. He has driven WhenHub from its roots as a calendar scheduling startup to where we are today.

  1. One More Name to Name

Talking of our success stories we need to mention another person on our team – Scott Adams. Adams is our Chief Strategy Officer and the creator of the much-loved Dilbert cartoon strip. Adams is a huge draw for WhenHub and the P.R. advantage he brings to our project is almost impossible to quantify. People across the business world want to talk to Adams and he loves to share how WhenHub is fundamentally changing how experts can share knowledge with consumers.

  1. Location, Location, Location

WhenHub is based in Silicon Valley, one of the most forward thinking centers of innovation on the planet. Our close proximity to some of the best tech talent is a huge advantage as we build our new technology ecosystem.

  1. Working Smart

We believe in rigorously testing everything at WhenHub so we have already deployed the smart contracts in support of our product. We are pleased to report that these are behaving as expected and are functioning reliably.

  1. Intellectual Property

The WhenHub project is in possession of significant intellectual property and is patent pending for the WhenHub Interface Network (WIN). WIN is comprised of the group of packages created by the WhenHub team support by our WHEN token. Together this unique set of properties will address the under-utilization problem of independent workers by seamlessly addressing discovery, availability, trust, interaction and payment.

  1. Safety First

WhenHub is operated solely out of the US and we takes our legal responsibilities very seriously. For this reason WhenHub is represented by DLA Piper, one of the finest law firms in the world.

For more information on the WhenHub ICO including information on how to take part please visit

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Co-founder/CTO WhenHub; co-founder TryCrypto; co-founder DNN Software; founder Edaptable; educator; Open Source proponent; Microsoft MVP; tech geek; creative thinker; husband; dad. Personal blog: Twitter: @techbubble
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