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Share Knowledge On Your Schedule

May 18, 2018


Share Knowledge On Your Schedule

WhenHub Interface is a mobile app connecting experts with people seeking advice and knowledge from around the world. It is an all-inclusive means of finding, connecting and paying people for their services. Whatever your personal circumstances, if you have knowledge to share and wish to keep sharing it, Interface helps to make it possible.

Making Knowledge Accessible

Each of us is different and each of us has something unique to offer. Unfortunately, personal circumstances can sometimes become a barrier for people who wish to share their knowledge and make a contribution to society. That is a tragedy on both the micro and macro scale. The result is that useful information is effectively locked away inside the head of an individual who has little means to share it.

What makes Interface so fantastic is that it allows people from any walk or life, with any background, and facing any amount of constraints on their time, to make themselves available on their own terms. This allows individuals to share their insights, leveraging their skills and knowledge for the benefit of all.

Some of the use cases for Interface mobile app are:

  • A Financial Advisor decides to take some time away from their career in order to raise their young family. They have very limited time and can’t offer anything longer than half-hour appointments, but short consultations like that are just long enough to put others on the right path to raising themselves out of debt. Now they can work around their family time and do something both financially and mentally rewarding.
  • The CEO of a mid-sized marketing firm decides to retire and get away from the stresses of their busy job. At first they really enjoy the time away. They take a trip, they do the garden, the finish off those odd jobs around the house and then, they find themselves becoming very, very bored. Interface allows this knowledgeable marketing expert to give 30-60 minute marketing consultations and in the process find themselves happier and more fulfilled.
  • An experienced Interior Designer finds themselves unable to work due to an accident at work. During the 6 month recovery process they use Interface to offer short consultations on color schemes, furniture and fabrics. The visual nature of the Interface app makes for a perfect fit as the client can show them the space they are working with. After recovering fully the Interior Designer decides to continue offering consultancies on Interface since it allows them to connect with more people, get leads for new clients, and offers a quick, satisfying turnaround for their efforts.

These are just three examples of how Interface helps people temporarily out or retired from the workforce. We’re sure that there are many many more. So if you’re taking a break from your regular job for whatever reason, why not try it for yourself?

Download WhenHub Interface now and take advantage of the early signup bonus of 500 free WHEN Tokens (limited supply).


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