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Searching for Experts on WhenHub Interface just got a lot Easier! Introducing Granular Search Filtering

June 10, 2019


Searching for Experts on WhenHub Interface just got a lot Easier! Introducing Granular Search Filtering

There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes to make WhenHub Interface the best place to go to get customized answers to your individual questions.  Right now, if you have a question you need to search, read, and vet any content you find.  If you don’t have an easy question like what’s the temperature in the next city, you probably need to force the answers you find to fit your particular questions.

If you are trying to find out about the future of nuclear technology and how it will affect you or you want to learn how to create a digital marketing strategy for your company, it is probably best if you talk to an expert.  You can get fast answers and ask follow-up questions on the fly from an expert (especially for big topics) that you just can’t from an article or video.  Additionally, talking to an expert quickly on WhenHub Interface is a huge time saver.  In minutes you can get the answer to a question that would have taken you hours to research on your own.


Our philosophy at WhenHub Interface is to move fast and release small updates often.  Our latest update makes it is easier than ever to find the best experts to answer your questions.  We’ve just implemented a granular search feature, so you can refine your expert search results.  You’ll be able to refine your searches in the following ways:

  • Does your expert take USD and/or WHEN Tokens for their calls? – Get an expert that takes payment in a way that makes you feel most comfortable.
  • How much do you want to spend to talk to your expert? – Depending on the field, industry or status of your expert, prices can vary from low to high. Now you can filter out experts who may be out of your price range or don’t charge enough for you to take them seriously. 😉
  • What time zone is your expert in? – You won’t have to worry about your expert only being available during the hours you are asleep. Talk to experts in the same or similar time zone as you and get some rest.
  • Do you and your expert speak the same language? – Don’t worry about getting on a call with an expert who doesn’t speak the same language as you. While their consultation may be solid, if you can’t understand them it won’t matter.  Filter for the same language as you and you’re all set.

You’ll find the granular filter on your WhenHub Interface App.  Just click on “Find an Expert” when you open the app and click on the “Filter” Option on the top right.

If you don’t see the filter option, then you will need to update your app.  Just visit the online store where you first downloaded the app and search for WhenHub Interface.  You should then see the “Update” option next to the app.  Click that and you are all set.


During the month of June 2019, WhenHub is hosting our Learn and Earn Contest.  When you enter the contest, every time you call an expert you will receive 50 entries into the contest, increasing your chances of winning 10K WHEN Tokens and a brand-new Ledger Nano X.  Get the contest details in our previous blog post.  Use the new granular search filter to locate the best expert for your question and get 50 entries every time you call an expert (See the blog post for details).

Download the WhenHub Interface App today and start getting customized answers to your questions!

WhenHub Interface makes it easy for people to find and video call Experts on any topic with payment handled with a blockchain Smart Contract.
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