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New Look, Same Great Service: WhenHub Interface Website gets a Redesign and it is Awesome

March 15, 2019


New Look, Same Great Service: WhenHub Interface Website gets a Redesign and it is Awesome

It’s been an amazing time for WhenHub.  We are continually innovating our platform to make it as easy as possible for people to connect with experts in any field at any time.  From the recent release of our Interface Desktop Beta to our newest recurring donations feature as well as other cool secret updates we can’t talk about yet, we have been listening to your feedback and improving WhenHub Interface.


We are excited to unveil the new WhenHub Interface Website with several new features that will make it even easier for experts to connect with the public.  We’ve basically created a search engine for experts.  Now each expert will have their own web-accessible custom profile, so they can go into even more detail about their skills and why you should consult with them.  Users will be able to search for any expert they want by simply typing in topics, names or any other keywords.  Users can see ratings, fees, schedule appointments and even donate to their favorite experts.  Soon, users will be able to interface directly from the website without needing the mobile or desktop client (although these will continue to provide the best experience).


One significant benefit of these website enhancements is that now, every expert on the Interface platform will have their profile indexed by every major search engine. The overall result of having a large number of relevant keywords from expert profiles on the website means that in due course results from will start to appear higher in search results. Thus, experts will be more discoverable on the web and see a gradual uptick in the number of callers.


With the launch of the new website design, we are also introducing three new and exciting features:

Scott Adams founder and expert on WhenHub Interface
  1. Profile Link: A unique, short profile link for each expert in the format{unique-ID}. In the near future, we will introduce a premium feature that enables experts to personalize the unique-ID. Experts can and should add this profile link to their online social media profiles, email signatures and other online locations such as forums to promote their presence on Interface.
  2. Profile Button: Experts can now copy a small snippet of HTML code and add it to their website or blog. The snippet will display a beautiful Interface profile button with the experts picture, expertise, rate and online availability. When a website visitor clicks on the button, they will be taken straight into the Interface app to the expert’s profile. If the user does not have the Interface app, they will be taken to the expert’s web profile.
  3. Donate Button: Building upon the donations and recurring donations features we introduced recently, experts can now copy a small snippet of HTML code that displays a “Donate” button on their website or blog. When a website visitor clicks on the button, they will be taken to the donation workflow of Interface.
The WhenHub Interface Donation Button lets experts receive donations for their services

Any one of these features would be great. Together, they provide a potent marketing tool-kit for experts so they can self-promote their presence on Interface to their fans, communities and followers.


Let’s face it, we are living in a gig economy and most everyone is probably an expert at something.  From 6 figure salaries to minimum wage workers, from doctors, lawyers, and engineers to musicians, painters and dancers, you’re probably great at what you do, and you probably have some down time where you wouldn’t mind making some extra income.  As a WhenHub expert you can communicate with anyone from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and be paid instantly via smart contracts, or you can even donate your time if you are so inclined.  Give WhenHub a try and we’ll give you 500 Free WHEN Tokens that you can use to communicate with the expert of your choice.

WhenHub Interface makes it easy for people to find and video call Experts on any topic with payment handled with a blockchain Smart Contract.
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