Is WhenHub Interface the New Patreon? Recurring Donations Now Supported

March 4, 2019


Is WhenHub Interface the New Patreon? Recurring Donations Now Supported

Monetizing the creation of content has been a long-standing challenge for creators.  In the case of video, to support their endeavors, creators mostly depend on ads that run before or pop up during their video.  The more viral a video is, the more ad clicks it will generate.  Unfortunately, instead of meaningful content, this has caused many creators to chase the latest fads and churn out subpar work in hopes of generating a few more clicks.  Even legitimate creators who produce outstanding work are still vulnerable to the whims of whatever platform their content is featured. 


For YouTube, in a recent effort to stop ads from appearing on inappropriate videos, this has meant demonetization for thousands of creators in something that has been referred to as the adpocalypse.  While it is good that YouTube is changing its guidelines and policies so that ads no longer run on inappropriate content, many innocent channels are being swept up in the demonetization frenzy and are seeing their income streams dry up as YouTube tries to figure out how to manage its platform. 


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard of Patreon.  It is a subscription content service that allows people to receive donations directly from their audience.  Services like this allow creators time for better researched more thoughtful content.  They don’t have to worry about appealing to the masses and instead can focus on topics that they and their audience love.  There’s just one problem, Patreon has also recently become stricter about who can and cannot use its platform.  In a sort of reverse adpocalypse, some audiences are no longer able to send recurring donations to the content creators they love. 


Due to popular demand and in an effort to level the playing field, WhenHub is now offering a Recurring Donations feature.  Creators can now not only utilize WhenHub Interface to share their expertise and earn money and/or WHEN Tokens, they can also start receiving recurring donations from their supporters.  If you are a content creator, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Diversify the ways your fans can support you, so you won’t fall prey to the next adpocalypse. 

Unlike donation-only services, WhenHub Interface gives creators another huge benefit – the ability to engage with their fans for one-on-one video paid conversations securely and privately (neither party reveals any contact information – all interaction is managed by the app). Donations plus income from followers – that’s a content creator’s dream. Alternatively, if you are a fan, then tell your favorite content creator about WhenHub Interface’s recurring donations subscription service.  It’s easy to set up and just for signing up, WhenHub gives you 500 FREE WHEN Tokens that you can use to talk to an expert!

WhenHub Interface makes it easy for people to find and video call Experts on any topic with payment handled with a blockchain Smart Contract.
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