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Is WhenHub Interface, Google on Steroids?

May 15, 2019


Is WhenHub Interface, Google on Steroids?


Prior to the internet, certain information was difficult or impossible to get.  People had to rely on individual experts or the written word to provide specific information.  If a library didn’t have written materials on a particular subject, then one either needed to travel many miles to wherever that information physically was or locate an expert in that field of interest.  A lucky few were able to talk directly to an expert, but if that expert was in demand it could take months or years for an audience if that were even possible.  Finding real knowledge was more akin to a quest rather than a quick typing of words on a keyboard.  Direct access to an expert was the next best thing to the internet or artificial intelligence.


The internet changed everything. It made information that was once difficult to find or mostly inaccessible, easy to locate.  Those who had access to early internet-connected desktop computers could quickly find out the information they desired.  As society advanced, laptop computers and cell phones allowed people to go anywhere with the tools necessary to get answers to questions whenever needed. 

The ubiquity of the internet makes it easier than ever for people to not only access information but to also upload information.  Anyone can start a blog, create a website or write a social media post in just a few minutes.  However, this may not be as great as it sounds.  There is a proliferation of misinformation on the internet and even trusted institutions can fall prey to bad actors flying under the radar of publication rules and journalistic integrity


The ease that inaccurate information can be posted on the internet has affected the quality of searches.  Finding answers to questions can be more difficult because of the added step of verifying the answers to questions.  To draw from a recent article, the “Internet has helped spread information, but not necessarily knowledge”.  We’re returning to a time where getting accurate answers to questions is more of a quest, even with the aid of modern technology.  We’re doing double duty to vet relevant information for quality and accuracy.

Additionally, the internet is filled with general information that must be applied to specific circumstances, thereby slowing down the information gathering process even further.  People must now vet general information for accuracy and then figure out how to make that general information applicable to their specific circumstance.  How does one use the internet to get customized accurate answers to specific questions?  By consulting an expert!


Looking for answers to questions through an internet search will yield fast general answers.  Presenting a question to an expert will yield a fast customized answer.  Now it is possible to conduct an internet search comprised strictly of experts.  By using WhenHub Interface an individual can do a quick search and in minutes be video chatting directly with an expert.  The speed of an internet search combined with the speed of the human mind. 

From plumbers to carpentry, Photoshop to WordPress, and much more WhenHub Interface connects people directly to experts anytime anywhere there is an internet connection.

Speaking directly to an expert provides the advantage of allowing you to ask additional questions on the fly.  Additionally, having an expert walk you through an answer at your own pace can help with learning and information retention.  A static article or video just can’t provide that type of interaction with information.

Lastly, the WhenHub Interface platform uses technology to make sure you are connected with the highest quality expert.  The first minute of any expert call on WhenHub Interface is always free.  Humans are social creatures and can generally asses someone’s veracity in a few seconds.  If you don’t have a good feeling about the expert you are speaking to, you can move on and talk to another expert without paying for the call.  Rest assured, the contact information of both caller and expert is never revealed.  Also, the WhenHub Interface rating system incentivizes that experts do the best they can to help you so that they can get more calls and rank higher in future searches. 

As more experts continue to join WhenHub Interface and more callers use the platform to get customized answers from real experts, we will see a big shift in how people access information.  There will be a happy medium between advanced technology and the power of the human brain providing a perfect ecosystem for knowledge and income growth.  Think about how Wikipedia put Microsoft Encarta to rest by letting individuals contribute their own expertise to a vast array of subjects, or the way anyone can raise money using services like Gofundme without having to get a bank loan or talk to a venture capitalist.  WhenHub Interface is taking the power of search engines and combining it with the expertise of individuals who have spent a lifetime focused on the very subject you have a question about.  Don’t spend hours pouring through research documents, blueprints, or “how to” articles.  Talk to someone who has already done that for you and can give you the benefit of their knowledge in just a few minutes.    

Give WhenHub Interface a try today.  No app download necessary to talk to an expert, just visit the WhenHub Interface site, search and call.

Or download the Interface WhenHub App now.

WhenHub Interface makes it easy for people to find and video call Experts on any topic with payment handled with a blockchain Smart Contract.
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