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Featured Interface Experts – Part 1

July 2, 2018


Featured Interface Experts – Part 1

As the number of Experts on WhenHub Interface grows, we thought it would be interesting to highlight a few and interview them online. Since WhenHub co-founder and Dilbert Creator Scott Adams already Periscopes regularly, this is the medium we chose for our Featured Experts campaign.

We debuted the campaign with Donovan Loomis, an Expert on Korea, with a focus on Korean culture for business. Watch his interesting and informative Periscope interview with Adams here:

You can find Loomis on Interface with topic “Korea”

Next up, is Dre Baldwin, an Expert on self-discipline. Watch his highly inspirational interview with Adams, in which Baldwin talks about building confidence and mental toughness:

If you would like to be a Featured Expert, download Interface from our website at and complete this form




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