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Early Enrollment Open for Experts on WhenHub Interface Network

December 27, 2017


Early Enrollment Open for Experts on WhenHub Interface Network

My last blog post provided insights on the rapid development of the WhenHub Interface Network. Today, we are very excited to announce a milestone — Early Enrollment is now open for Experts on the WhenHub Interface Network.

> Enroll as an Expert <

Interface is designed to be the best platform for both Experts and Consumers to connect and share knowledge quickly and easily, and without payment friction. Opening up enrollment for Experts ahead of the network launch ensures that Consumers using the Interface app will find Experts ready to answer their questions on Day One. But there’s something in it for Experts too — as a special thanks, Experts who enroll now (prior to launch) will have the following benefits:

  • Top Ranking for 60 Days Appear ahead of other Experts for your topic in listings and search results for the first 60 days after launch.
  • Beta App Access Get invited to our closed Beta for the WhenHub Interface mobile app.
  • Blockchain Pioneer Profile Badge Get the recognition you deserve as an early adopter of blockchain technology for business with a unique profile badge.

Top spots for topics are now open. Enroll now and claim your spot before another Expert does.


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