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Continuing Liquidity: WHEN Token is Now Listed on SWFT Blockchain

April 23, 2019


Continuing Liquidity: WHEN Token is Now Listed on SWFT Blockchain

Liquidity is one of the most important factors for any cryptocurrency to be considered relevant. Higher liquidity brings about better prices, market stability, and quicker transaction times.  The WhenHub Team has been focused on increasing liquidity for the WHEN Token by listing on premiere crypto exchanges.  At the time of this writing, WHEN Token is listed on the LATOKEN, Hotbit, IDEX, FINEXBOX, P2PB2B (WHEN/BTC & WHEN/ETH) and BITKER (WHEN/BTC & WHEN/ETH ) Cryptocurrency Exchanges.  More listing negotiations are happening, and we are excited to share future news with the WhenHub Community. 


With so many crypto exchanges listing the WHEN Token, it can quickly become overwhelming for WHEN traders to maneuver between exchanges. This is why WHEN is now listed on SWFT Blockchain.  SWFT Blockchain provides users with a user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency transactions by efficiently hedging risks and proactively resolving the problems of insufficient market depth and the limitations of currency transfer.  The WhenHub Team is proud to have the WHEN Token listed on SWFT Blockchain and we look forward to growing with them.


Sure, you can buy WHEN Tokens, but why buy them when you can earn them.  All you need to do to start earning WHEN Tokens is to download the WhenHub Interface App on your mobile device or desktop computer. 

The WhenHub Interface App lets you video chat with experts on any subject, any time, anywhere you have internet access, but you can also share your own expertise.  With WhenHub Interface, you can log-in whenever you have a spare moment and earn WHEN Tokens or fiat currency.  Have a few minutes while you are getting ready for work?  Open up WhenHub Interface.  Are you on your lunch break?  Open up WhenHub Interface.  Get paid to share your expertise when it is convenient for you.

Alternatively, having your burning questions answered has never been easier.  Just open WhenHub Interface, find an expert in the same field as your question and make a quick call.  In sixty seconds, you can have a customized answer that would have taken you hours of internet searching.  On top of that, when you download WhenHub Interface, we’ll give you Free Tokens that you can use to video chat with any experts on the app.  That is a risk-free way to get the customized answers you want.

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