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Bring WhenHub Interface to Your Community and Earn $100 in WHEN Tokens

July 17, 2019


Bring WhenHub Interface to Your Community and Earn $100 in WHEN Tokens

WhenHub Interface continues to grow. Every day new video advisors join our community and share their knowledge with the world demonstrating that there is a faster way to get customized answers to your questions. When you connect directly with a video advisor, you get the benefit of their years of learning and a customized answer generally in minutes instead of spending hours on the internet searching through articles and videos and seeing which “one size fits all” answer best fits with your specific question.

Video Advisors who join WhenHub Interface understand that they can have a normal career and make additional side income in the gig economy by logging into the WhenHub Interface App and answering questions. Working on your own time from where ever you have an internet connection definitely beats sitting in your car all day driving people or food around.  Remember, to be a video advisor on WhenHub doesn’t mean that you have to have a degree in whatever subject you list as your topic.  You just need to be passionate enough to want to share your knowledge about whatever topic that interests you with other people.


The team at WhenHub wants to help everyone maximize their time and benefit from the joy of sharing the things they are best at with others, and we would like your help us do it. If you are part of a community or know of a community that could benefit from having quality, secure one on one video chats, then we want to meet that community. By integrating WhenHub within an existing community, that community will benefit by:

  • Adding a new video chat feature it didn’t have before which would
  • Allow more focused and custom interaction and
  • Increase the additional value community members can bring to each other and outside participants


We know that there are great Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit Communities out there, but they are already part of a gigantic platform and have their own way of doing things.  We’re looking for startup type communities that are still growing and evolving.  WhenHub Interface can help sites that specialize in teachable type content that have growing communities of instructors and students.  WhenHub Interface would increase the quality of service that these sites provide by empowering instructors to hold video office hours to help their students or to add a premium level of service to existing pre-recorded video classes.  So, if it is a community of translators or language instructors or communities of online courses in a wide variety of subjects, we want to know. 


We want to pay you to introduce us to these communities. By filling out the form below, you can help us increase the level of service that WhenHub Interface is providing.  If we successfully connect with the community that you refer us to, then we want to give you $100 in WHEN Tokens. A few minutes of your time can become very profitable for you.  Just fill out the form below with the information that you have on your community.  Please only one form per community, so if you have multiple communities that you want to refer, just fill out the form again.  When you fill out the from, your name will be tied to that community and if we are successful in integrating WhenHub Interface into that community we will pay you.  We look forward to hearing from you and we thank you in advance for helping us to give more people the opportunity to maximize the valuable time they have by helping others.

If you haven’t already spoken to a video advisor on WhenHub Interface, just visit the site from your computer and do a quick search for the topic of your question and pick one of the video advisors that pop up.  There is no need to download any software, you can get your questions answered just by visiting the site.  Of course, if you do want to use the WhenHub Interface App, you can find it on the Apple App or Google Play Store.  We look forward to seeing you on WhenHub Interface!

WhenHub Interface makes it easy for people to find and video call Experts on any topic with payment handled with a blockchain Smart Contract.
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